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Whether you’re looking to take the next step in your career, or looking to ensure you can hire the very best talent, our comprehensive guides will advise you at every step, with key insights, market trends and valuable information to inform business and career decisions.

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We’ve surveyed thousands of professionals across the General Insurance, Financial Services and Legal sectors covering over 450 roles to understand the micro and macro economics, influencing the employment market across each industry, as well as latest salaries across the UK.

Each year, IDEX takes great pride in researching and creating a variety of guides like this one, in order to share valuable market intelligence with individuals and businesses. This information is used by a growing number of organisations every year and is one of the most accessed guides in the market.

Whether you’re looking to compare your salary or benefits to other industry professionals, benchmark employee salaries, or ensure your recruitment strategy is aligned to market expectations, the IDEX Salary & Benefits Guide is for you.

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At IDEX, we know that exceptional people can transform businesses and make the unbelievable, achievable.

As one of the most comprehensive resources of its kind, our Salary & Benefits Guide will give you everything you need, to ensure you are in the best position possible to get your talent management and career decisions right in 2023.

Simply fill in the form to access survey findings from thousands of employers and professionals, as well as comprehensive salary data for over 600 roles across the General Insurance, Financial Services and Legal sectors.

Key Benefits

​Our 2023 Salary & Benefits Guide is a comprehensive resource providing the latest remuneration and recruitment trends affecting General Insurance, Financial Services, and Legal sectors, both in the UK and Internationally. It also provides further information relating to core trends in our niche markets, key skills in-demand, retention and engagement practices and broader satisfaction insights across the workforce.

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    Valuable insights

    Giving employers and employees invaluable insight to see what the market is thinking, what they predict and expectations for the coming year.

  2. 02

    Growth planning

    Vital information for firms looking to grow and attract the best people. Hear directly from potential employees about the benefits that are most important to them.

  3. 03

    Understanding market value

    Transparent salary data empowers individuals to ask for what they are worth, and enables employers to budget accurately, as well as secure the right people to support their organisation's goals.

  4. 04

    Better benchmarking

    Our benchmarking is the most accurate in the market, with salary data taken from a combination of real placements, job adverts, expert opinion and market expectations.

  5. 05

    Accurate information

    Data in the guide is updated throughout the year, showing you exactly what individuals should be earning and the most valuable benefits and perks.

  6. 06

    Employer brand

    Get clear pointers on exactly what potential employees want to see from your employer brand, enabling you to better align your organisation with the people you are trying to attract.